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Metal Hammer Magazine U.K.
Vampire Beach Babes selected as one of the top 28 breaking bands to watch worldwide...
Ryerson Eyeopener

By: Victoria Scrozzo

It was dusk and as we walked north on John Street, it was eerily quiet and the air was getting colder with each step. Every few minutes we'd pass other pedestrians on their way to somewhere else, unaware of our presence. I started wondering if leaving the crowded and noisy Starbucks on Queen West was a mistake, as I struggled to keep pace with Baron Marcus, a Toronto vampire and the lead singer of Vampire Beach Babes ....

He was leading me to his favourite spot in the city, an old tower. Instantly my mind filled with images of a Transylvanian castle, its towers surrounded by bats, and a wolf howling up at the moon from within a churchyard at the base of the castle. Sure enough, after a few minutes, we arrived at a gothic, ivy-covered tower, remnants of a burnt down church, with a small, gated graveyard concealed behind it.

It was dark now and as the Baron spoke feverishly about vampire lore, he looked every bit the part in a black leather trench coat, black leather pants, gloves and knee-high boots of the same colour. It was as if he had jumped straight out of the pages of an Anne Rice novel. In fact, the Baron's persona reminded me of Lestat, Rice's rebellious French aristocrat turned vampire-rock star. But his slicked back bleach blond hair and pale skin likened him much more to Spike, of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Baron's (fangless) bright white smile was charming and, try as I might to get myself worked up about talking to a real life vampire, my blood wasn't curdling, and the voices in my head weren't telling me to turn and run.

Baron certainly didn't mind being called a vampire, or acting the part. "The vampire's real power is to give a lift or inspiration," he says.

Baron spends most of his days dressed in the same manner as when I met him -- covered from head to toe in black, well-worn leather and a thin black streak of eyeliner to define his eyes that, with their warmth, prove he's not a member of the living dead. He meets with clients of the software design company he formed in the early 1990s, and, for the most part, those meetings take place with the black leather gloves on his hands and the black leather boots laced up to his knees.

"It's all fun," he says of his performances with the Vampire Beach Babes. "But it's also scary, because it's one of two things -- we're either a bunch of vampires pretending to be people, or a bunch of adults running around dressed as vampires."

As the frontman for the Vampire Beach Babes and a performer, the Baron says he's "got a job to create a larger-than-life persona."


Little Steven's Underground Garage

Episode 187: Halloween IV
Bela Lugosi: "Listen to them. Children of the Night. What music they make!" That's right, Bela, and what music we're gonna make at the Halloween a Go-Go show in the Underground Garage. Haunting us will be the Woggles, the Fuzztones, the Cramps, the Mothers of Invention. New, scary music from the Contrast, Jarvis Humby and the Foo Fighters. There will be Deadly Snakes, Mummies, Apostolic Mushrooms, and Vampire Beach Babes waiting to suck your blood. Come trick or treat with us this weekend at the Halloween a Go-Go, in the Underground Garage
~Little Steven~

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